Sunday, November 4, 2012

In Honor/Memory Of Ava Grace Oakes and Hayden Brent Casavechia

Many people are preparing for the Holiday season. Brent, Lauren and my family will push through the holiday season through helping our second home, Batson Children's Hospital. They played such a large part of our life and making it through what we hope to be the hardest time in our life. NOTHING COMPARES TO LOSING A CHILD. The palliative care team (helps prepare for the inevitable) and child life (helps with activities to calm anxious patients and siblings for what they are about to experience) teams were truly a blessing to Ava Grace and Hayden. They truly gave us love, HOPE, and SUPPORT. We are looking forward to giving back to them. Many people have asked what they can do to help in memory of Ava Grace and Hayden. Batson's children are in need of so many things. Here is a list of needs for the Palliative Care floor at Batson. They will share these items with other floors also.
The following letter is a list of needs for the Batson hospital floor of Palliative Care:
· A slight reminder: children actually LIVE in the hospital. Some of these children have been left by their families because it is too much for them to handle at home or because "they just don't want to have to deal with a special needs child". I have actually heard someone say that. 
· Hey lady! Okay, so here is the list. I have included the restaurants that are around the hospital as well as materials that I have on my 2C wish list for patients and families. Thank you, thank you so very much!
Cups, McDonalds, Backyard Burger, Subway, Chick-fil-A, and Wendy’s gift cards (20 dollar Maximum)
New Release movies (Baby Einstein up to Teen)
DS games
iTunes cards
Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, Target cards
Rattles and teethers
Infant/Toddler toys with lights and music
Karaoke CDs
CD players (small ones) and popular CDs
Xbox 360 and Kinect Games
Prepaid Visa cards (20 dollar maximum)
Word search and crossword books
Art canvases of all sizes
Bedside arts and craft projects (Color Wonder, scratch art, sand art, etc)
Cribside Mobiles (Fisher Price aquarium types)
Crayola Markers
Social Games (Catch Phrase, etc)
Look and Find/I Spy books
Party Blowers, whistles, kazoos etc
Small photo albums
Disposable cameras
Photo paper
Scrapbook materials
Hand and footprint kits (can be found in craft sections at Hobby Lobby/Wal-Mart)
Lauren and I will be taking these gifts to Batson sometime in the first few weeks of December. We are hoping that we need multiple trips from all the generosity. If you are interested in donating gift cards or anything else to Batson in memory of Hayden and Ava Grace, thank you! GIFT CARDS ARE A HUGE HELP AND NEED TO THE HOSPITAL. MAXIMUM OF 20 DOLLARS PER GIFT CARD. MANY FAMILIES SPEND DAYS, WEEKS, AND MONTHS IN THE HOSPITAL (LIKE US). THESE ITEMS HELP FAMILIES financially. SECOND, I ASKED ABOUT CANVAS’, THE CHILDREN THAT LIVE THERE LOVE PRETTY DECORATED CANVAS’ SO IF YOU LIKE TO PAINT GO FOR ITJ ALSO BLANK CANVAS’ ARE NEEDED AS THEY LIKE TO PAINT THEMSELVES. GIFTS/TOYS/GIFT CARDS cannot be wrapped!
Lastly, teachers: PICU and NICU cannot receive items. We were thinking of allowing children to do Christmas cards/ pictures to pass out to these families. Merry Christmas is allowed on these cards. So if you and your class are interested in making Christmas cards, GO FOR IT J We encourage this!!!
You can mail to either of us if interested in participating. I know you will place a smile on each of these children’s faces. Thank you for your faithful prayers and loving hearts.
Amy Oakes
C/o Batson Children's Hospital
511 Metcalfe Rd.
Greenville, MS 38703
Lauren Casavechia
C/O Batson Children's Hospital
235 Cattle Ranch Road
Benoit, MS 38725